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Professional photography tips with Thomas, who has a digital camera and a wide aperature.

Hello, my name is Thomas and I am a professional photographer because I bought a digital camera.

TIP 1 How to become a professional photographer
Buy a digital camera.

TIP 2  Tricks of the trade Have a look on the camera, somewhere, probably on the top or back or somewhere on the front or sides there will be a button or dial marked ‘A’, this does not stand for ‘Automatic’ as some amateurs think but ‘Awesome’. Leave it on this all the time.

TIP 3 Photography courses There is no need for even a basic photography course because once you buy a digital camera you will be a professional photographer like me. Not as good as me though.

TIP 4 Lighting You will need some light otherwise the photos will come out a bit too dark. Usually you can fix them in photoshop but some light to begin with is good.

TIP 5  Subject Matter Yes, it does. Dont take photos of girls leaving the high school from your car as the fine is $360.00 and a years probation.

Photo Gallery

Sunset from my rooftop.

Me on my rooftop.

View of city from my rooftop.

The plant on my rooftop.

Clouds over my rooftop.

Some people that once came to visit me on my rooftop.
Or my toes, I am unsure.

Now, you know we are kidding…RIGHT?

Our professional photography is here…

1-Stop Design has recently added new photo equipment to our studio. We have purchased new Light Boxes, Halogen Lamps and several backdrops.  The most recent photo shoot at 1-Stop Design was the product line for client, Paul Kenneth Salon. It was amazing to use our new equipment with the PK products.  Our Creative Director got some great shots.  Check out the project of the week on our website:

Since we are bragging about our new photography equipment, here are some ideas for you to get out there and take some great shots of your own.

Photography does not need to be expensive, you can work with a low budget.  Shooting random home items can be lots fun!  One of the most enjoyable part of photography is the satisfaction of getting great images.  Even more so, it’s great to get those images on a low budget. The dollar store offers a huge variety of products that can be very captivating subjects.

 Basic Materials and Backdrops

Use some materials you have at home or at the office for backdrops.  Tape large sheets of paper to the wall so it flows gently out onto the floor, add color or paint to a poster board, fabric remnants, shower curtains, and blankets are all great for backdrops and we all have most of them already at home.  Try not to use anything with a crease since the crease will show up in your images.  For a dramatic effect you might want to create a simple light box or use a lamp with a linen or cloth shade.  However, natural sunlight is a great way to light your shots.  Lighting is always an issue of preference. 

Ideas For What To Shoot

The dollar store always has little treasures waiting to be found.  There are plenty of different subjects you can choose from.  Take a walk down the toy aisle for instance.  Glass Marbles, army men, stuffed animals, holiday trinkets and candy are all good starters.  These items are also great getting shots of children playing with them.   

  • Glass marbles are an excellent idea for macro photography – try taking a picture of a stem glass with a bunch of glass marbles in it.  The colors that come from the marbles will be amazing.
  • Army men can be used in a playful and fun shoot or a more serious and political shoot.  Try getting a small American flag to use as a backdrop.  Get a close up of a child playing with the Army men and the intense look on their face as they act out their battle. 
  • Candy is another great and colorful image waiting to be taken.  Place the bags of unopened candy in a basket with a dropcloth in the bottom flowing over the sides of the basket.  Pour a bag of M&M’s or jelly beans in a bowl and take a shot from above.  Put gumballs in a vase or glass jar.  Use the gumballs in the jar to “plant” faux flowers in. 

While you may hate the thought of actually going into the dollar store, just think of opportunity you could have to take great shots on a low budget.