About Us

Our company name 1-Stop Design Shop isn’t just a catchy phrase but an important element of our business. Conceptual work starts the process, which evolves into the final design and lastly the finished piece. We quickly discovered the final link that many graphic design firms are lacking is the printing and after adding it as one of our services, we became the one stop design shop. Online, the finished piece is the live web site, so no matter the medium or project, once a client has hired 1-Stop Design, there is no need to go elsewhere for any step of the process. Working with printers can be a confusing process and an expensive learning experience and being involved in design and print production, with more than 20 years, we help take the confusion and excess costs out of the process. We act as a print broker making sure our client’s work is printed and delivered on time every time and delivered where they need to go. We bid the jobs with multiple printers, who we have experience with and are capable of doing the project. The final quotes are compared and the best fit for our client is then chosen. Price is always a large factor but not the only. Scheduling, experience, equipment, location and cost are all reviewed carefully for each project.

Our Team

1-Stop Design’s team consists of our Principal and Creative Director, Christine Hennigan. Chris, has been the backbone of 1-Stop since founding the firm. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Montserrat College of Art, and a Master of Fine Art in Graphic Design from Boston University. Her vast array of experience and talent shows through in every aspect of her work. Her accomplishments include art directing the design and production of three different magazines, as well as producing intriguing websites, effective direct mail,award winning logos, among other marketing solutions.

She works well with big and small businesses and easily adapts to what the client and the market needs. She takes each job very personally; making sure it is executed in a clear, effective way that will result in the highest benefit for the client. Chris is involved in every project that is at 1-Stop, overseeing every step of the process and works closely with all the clients. She is also the main sales person and handles project assignment as jobs come in.


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